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With Emerging Markets fast becoming the driver of global growth, and emerging economies expected to grow two to three times faster than developed nations, they offer a valuable investment opportunity.

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An active, earnings growth-oriented approach to emerging markets equities

Launched nine years ago, the VAM Emerging Markets Growth Fund is an outstanding investment opportunity providing high growth and global diversity.

Key features of the Fund include:

  • Invests in all cap equities of companies in Emerging Markets
  • High active share
  • Fully liquid
  • Daily dealing
  • Available in USD


The VAM Emerging Markets Growth Fund is managed by Driehaus Capital Management LLC (“Driehaus”), a specialist US institutional investment manager whose funds are not otherwise available to internationally based retail investors.

Howard Schwab is the Portfolio Manager of the VAM Emerging Markets Growth Fund. He joined Driehaus in 2001 and has 15 years of industry experience and 13 years of emerging markets portfolio management experience. Mr Schwab has been quoted in numerous financial outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, and Smart Money. He has also appeared as a guest contributor on Bloomberg TV.

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VAM Emerging Markets Growth Fund

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Emerging Markets Growth Fund

Investment analysts are predicting strong growth in Emerging Markets:

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