Rivers Capital Management

The Investment Manager that reviews and sets the percent allocation to each fund within the VAM Fund is London-based, FCA-authorised, Rivers Capital Management (“Rivers”). Rivers is a team of experienced asset management professionals, with over 50 years of expertise in both institutional and private portfolio wealth fund management.


Rivers Capital Management is a discretionary fund manager focused on providing risk-rated, multi-asset investment solutions. Rivers was founded in 2016 by Richard Bonnor-Moris and Eduardo Tomacelli with the intention of providing rigorously managed, multi-asset portfolios with superior risk-adjusted returns. The portfolios are constructed for either long-term capital growth or income generation and can also be designed to adhere to specific environmental or ethical criteria.

Strengths of Rivers Capital Management
The Rivers’ approach to investing is both transparent and consistent. Consistency of return is its primary objective and it has developed a unique investment process tailored to produce long-term outperformance.


The Rivers’ investment process consists of dynamic asset allocation, independent fund selection, risk management and loss mitigation. The proprietary investment process balances the long-term strategic allocation with its tactical allocation, which is predicated on its shorter-term asset and market outlook. This allows Rivers to manage risk according to current valuations, market volatility and where we are in the market cycle leading to better long-term, risk-adjusted returns.


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Foresight Capital Management

Foresight Capital Management is part of the Foresight Group LLP which is a leading independent infrastructure and private equity investment manager which has been managing funds on behalf of institutions and individual investors for more than 35 years.


The VAM Discretionary Funds are managed by atomos. The name, meaning “indivisible” in ancient Greek, represents a culture of collaboration, inclusivity and diverse perspectives.

Driehaus Capital Management LLC

Driehaus is a specialist institutional investment manager based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It boasts over three decades of investment management expertise.

Alquity Investment Management

Alquity is an asset management business that connects investors to their investments and social progress in order to deliver better financial outcomes for all.