VAM International Real Estate Equity Fund

The VAM International Real Estate Equity Fund is a thematic approach to real estate-oriented equities based outside the United States

Real estate-related investments (as an alternative asset class to equities and bonds) are often a component of a broader portfolio asset allocation for investors. Setting aside primary residences, investors typically gain real estate-related exposure through the ownership of brick and mortar properties (either directly or through investing in private equity funds or fund-of-funds that invest in such properties) or by investing in real estate-related public equities such as Real Estate Investment Trusts (“REITs”) (either directly or through mutual funds or ETFs that invest in such equities).

The VAM International Real Estate Equity Fund focuses on companies based outside the United States that have direct or thematic exposure to the real estate sector. The Fund’s investment universe includes REITs and other real estate-oriented stocks of various market capitalisations, including securities of issuers based in emerging market countries.

The Fund is managed by Driehaus, which is a specialist institutional investment manager based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Driehaus is unique in that its investment professionals have spent decades focused on identifying company-specific, positive turning points and exploiting the subsequent investment opportunities.

Key Features

  • Launched on 3rd September 2008
  • Invests in all cap real estate-related equities outside the United States
  • High active share
  • Fully liquid
  • Daily dealing
  • Available in USD

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