VAM International Opportunities Fund

VAM International Opportunities Fund is an active, earnings growth-oriented approach to global ex-US small capitalisation equities

Smaller capitalisation stocks outside of the United States offer investors a large universe of potential investments that are relatively under-invested and under-followed by professional investors. The resulting inefficiencies have made the asset class an attractive one for active management.

Historically, ex-US small capitalisation equities have provided investors with superiour risk-adjusted returns while providing diversification benefits in terms of lower correlation to larger, more widely followed core indices.

The VAM International Opportunities Fund generally invests in companies based outside the United States and within the same market capitalisation range at the time of investment as those included in the Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) All Country World ex-USA Small Cap Growth Index.

The Fund is managed by Driehaus, which is a specialist institutional investment manager based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Driehaus is unique in that its investment professionals have spent decades focused on identifying company-specific, positive turning points and exploiting the subsequent investment opportunities.

Key Features

  • Launched on 1st July 2015
  • Invests in developed and emerging markets small cap equities outside the US
  • High active share
  • Fully liquid
  • Daily dealing
  • Available in USD

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