VAM Emerging Markets Growth Fund

VAM Emerging Markets Growth Fund is an active, earnings growth-oriented approach to emerging markets equities

The long-term case for the Emerging Markets is that they offer superiour demographics relative to Developed Markets. With the right policies, countries with younger and faster growing populations should see similar increases in per capita income growth. Combined with low penetration of various goods and services in many of these markets, this creates an attractive backdrop for domestic-oriented economic growth.

Another benefit for investors is that emerging markets equities have tended to be less correlated with major developed, market-oriented benchmarks and asset classes, thus providing diversification benefits to asset allocating investors.

Finally, the case can be made that Emerging Markets are under-owned by investors. Despite representing a significant part of the global population and global economic activity, stocks domiciled in Emerging Markets represent less than 20% of the world’s equity market capitalisation.

The VAM Emerging Markets Growth Fund is an active, conviction-based, all-capitalisation equity Fund that is generally fully invested in 80 to 140 holdings with position weights generally between 0.1% and 9%.

The Fund is managed by Driehaus, which is a specialist institutional investment manager based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Driehaus is unique in that its investment professionals have spent decades focused on identifying company-specific, positive turning points and exploiting the subsequent investment opportunities.

Key Features

  • Launched on 1st June 2007
  • Invests in all cap equities of companies in emerging markets
  • High active share
  • Fully liquid
  • Daily dealing
  • Available in USD

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