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VAM Driehaus Fund

A unique fund-of-funds providing access to Driehaus-advised VAM Funds (Lux) Funds 

The VAM Driehaus Fund is a unique global equity fund managed by Driehaus Capital Management, a specialist US institutional investment manager whose funds are not otherwise available to internationally based retail investors.

The Fund embodies the Driehaus singular, time-tested earnings growth momentum investment style, developed more than 30 years ago by its renowned founder, Richard H Driehaus, in pursuit of long-term capital appreciation.

Driehaus’ active management approach is designed to generate growth by investing in companies that have reached a significant positive turning point in their growth and earnings. Driehaus believes that markets tend to misprice the stocks of such companies and this tends to follow predictable and exploitable patterns.

Driehaus is unique in that its investment professionals have spent decades focused on identifying company-specific, positive turning points and exploiting the subsequent investment opportunities. The Driehaus Fund captures the combined expertise of seven portfolio managers, three assistant portfolio managers, nine analysts, two risk professional and six traders.

The Driehaus Fund is structured as a fund of funds that gives investors broad exposure to the Driehaus growth equity investment style across market cap sizes and regions through a portfolio of single strategy VAM Funds.  The Fund is not designed to track a specific index or benchmark. The Driehaus portfolio managers provide the investment management of all the underlying funds and the asset allocation of the overall Fund. Each of the underlying funds maintains a high active share relative to their respective benchmarks (the approach is benchmark-aware but not benchmark-constrained or managed to any index).

Reflecting Driehaus’ specialisms, the Fund has a higher exposure to growth equity, emerging markets equity and smaller sized companies relative to broad benchmarks. The Fund remains fully invested (other than in exceptional circumstances) to maximise long-term capital growth.

The Fund is exceptionally well diversified and is currently invested into over 500 stocks across more than 45 countries.

A rigorous risk management process supports portfolio construction by quantifying exposures, sensitivities and potential outcomes to minimise unintended risks.

Key Features

  • Unique global equity fund, not managed to a specific index or benchmark
  • Launched on 2nd July 2007
  • Specialist US institutional investment manager (Driehaus)
  • Time-tested earnings growth momentum management style
  • High active share relative to respective benchmarks
  • Exceptionally well diversified
  • Luxembourg domiciled UCITS V fund
  • Fully liquid, daily dealing
  • Available in USD, GBP and EUR

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