Sanlam Private Wealth

Sanlam Private Wealth is a leading discretionary investment manager based in London, with over £12 billion of assets under management. It is part of the Sanlam Group, the largest non-banking financial services company in Africa managing over £50 billion of client assets globally. The group is over 100 years old and the investment team in London holds multiple awards in recognition of its investment capabilities.


The VAM Discretionary Funds are multi-asset discretionary investment portfolios, designed to take advantage of a global investment opportunity set across different risk grades. Sanlam is a specialist in discretionary multi-asset investment with a focus on global direct securities, leveraging its strong internal research capability and reducing fees paid to third-party fund managers.


Sanlam’s Investment Credibility

The portfolios Sanlam Private Wealth will run for VAM are multi-asset, risk-rated investment solutions, designed to take advantage of a global investment opportunity set and have a track record of outperformance since their inception.


Equity selection will be based on a high quality approach. A bond strategy will be implemented with gilts or bonds and alternatives will earn an allocation as appropriate.


The fund managers have decades of experience across all market conditions to bring a high conviction approach sharply into focus. The benefits to VAM clients are:


Performance – The Sanlam models have a proven performance track record

Activity – Direct investment gives the manager flexibility to act quickly

Charges – The funds’ OCF will be significantly reduced

Transparency – Clients will see individual holdings held in the portfolio

VAM Discretionary Fund Management Service

VAM has a range of discretionary funds to meet the needs of international advisers wishing to take a discretionary fund management approach to preserving their clients’ wealth and maintaining the potential for rewards, whilst reducing the risk to which they are exposed.

VAM Discretionary Funds

Each fund in the VAM Discretionary Funds’ range is designed to suit a specific risk profile and investment preference, and provides an all-in-one portfolio for those seeking capital preservation or growth.

Guide to Risk

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VAM DFM E-Brochure

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Fund Prices and Literature

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