VAM Marketing Profile

VAM Marketing Limited, based in Mauritius, was established to market VAM Funds across international markets. The VAM Marketing objective is to identify market segments and reach potential clients who may benefit from the wide range of investment funds available under the VAM Funds’ umbrella.

VAM Marketing comprises the following:

  • A dynamic sales team operating globally to support and develop third party advisory relationships
  • Full-fledged marketing and administration teams providing support and services to IFAs through the sales team


At VAM Marketing, we believe in providing first class marketing and administration services to IFAs through the sales team, making it easy to do business. VAM Marketing’s sales force is backed by full-fledged administration and marketing support teams.

VAM Administration Team
The administration team provides outstanding service to both the sales team and IFAs in all aspects relating to the administration and reporting functions, through their state-of-the-art computerisation system, which also caters for automatic commission payments.

VAM Marketing Team
The marketing team works closely with the sales team to promote and convey the VAM brand. Services provided include up-to-date fund information, sales aids, fact sheets and presentations, including comparative Lipper analyses of funds, and maintaining the website. The team is also responsible for all marketing and communication campaigns, as well as specific research.