Fund Management Excellence

The VAM objective is to deliver outstanding investment returns for its investors from a range of exceptional funds that allow allocation of assets across the major asset classes.

VAM’s business has been built on a continuing pursuit of fund management excellence, combined with a first class service to its clients.

VAM Funds is a fund management group offering a range of funds investing across the spectrum of asset classes including listed shares in equities, infrastructure and real asset stocks, and multi-asset portfolios. Partnering with VAM Funds gives financial advisers access to:

  • The skills of leading Investment Managers in their sectors
  • VAM Funds’ 22-year track record of success
  • A fully regulated Luxembourg UCITS V structure
  • Distribution support in various regions via VAM Business Development Directors
  • Multiple fund classes to support financial intermediary models
  • Daily dealing and full transparency

VAM has identified and secured access to a more specialist pool of investment management talent who are, above all else, devoted to the creation of outstanding investment returns for their investors.

Interestingly, the world-class investment managers VAM has identified work in smaller, specialist businesses, focusing purely on investment management and providing excellent returns. These talented, highly-focused individuals have often worked for larger fund management houses before gravitating into smaller, specialist operations where they are able to return to their core skills: analysing markets, picking stocks and generating above average fund performance.

In today’s uncertain world VAM believes that the security and protection of its clients’ assets are of paramount importance.

VAM’s funds benefit from being ‘UCITS’ (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities), established and authorised under European Union law. Over the past 20 years, UCITS has become a global brand for regulated funds, providing a high level of investor protection through a liquid, transparent, diversified and robustly regulated investment product structure.

VAM’s clients also benefit from VAM being domiciled in Luxembourg, recognised internationally as a highly regulated jurisdiction. Luxembourg has a strong culture of investor protection supported by a robust regulatory environment, rigorous anti-money laundering policies, stability and the ability to achieve tax neutrality. These advantages have enabled Luxembourg to become the premier private banking centre in the Eurozone and the second largest fund centre in the world.

  • Standardised EU regulation of investment funds
  • Pan-European marketing of UCITS funds
  • Greater transparency – Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs)
  • Better risk management and liquidity for investors

Luxembourg is the second largest investment fund centre in the world after the United States.

  • World’s leading hub for global distribution
  • Strategic position in the heart of Europe
  • Strong culture of investor protection
  • Rigorous anti-money laundering policies
  • Attractive range of investment fund solutions
  • Regulatory environment including accessibility, knowledge and responsiveness of the regulator
  • Ability to achieve tax neutrality for products by considering direct and indirect taxation implications at fund and investor levels
  • Service provider considerations such as expertise and ability to meet specific local distribution market requirements from Luxembourg

VAM Funds' Directors

VAM Funds’ Directors have the overall responsibility for the management of VAM Funds.

Administration & Regulatory

Find out more about the Administration and Regulatory environment of VAM funds.

VAM Marketing

VAM Marketing Limited, based in Mauritius, was established to market VAM’s funds across international markets.